A Day in the Life of a Law Student: 2nd Semester Edition

Second semester has been quite fast paced. In order to keep up, I have adjusted my daily schedule to accommodate. Here is a revised view of my day, featuring some snapchats from my life.

Overview of My Day:

5:30am: I wake up with my husband so I can take the dogs out, get his lunch and coffee for him and kiss him before he heads out the door. I am usually up with him for 15-25 minutes and as soon as he leaves, I head right back to bed.

7:00am: After a little extra snooze, I wake up for real. I don't usually shower in the morning so I leisurely get ready for the day including lots of loud music, dance parties in my closet and a cup of coffee permanently attached to my hand throughout the whole process. I get dressed, do my hair and makeup, make the bed, run the vacuum, pack my lunch, pack my backpack and have some breakfast.

9:30-9:45am: Out the door and off to school. On Tuesday's and Thursdays, I leave closer to 9:30 to make it to class extra early because the professor will mark you absent if you are even a minute late. Monday and Wednesday I wait a little more because traffic is never bad and if I roll into contracts a touch late, no one cases. My commute is only 10-15 minutes, which I spend singing along to the radio at the very top of my lungs.

10:10am: Class time. Monday/Wednesday it is Contracts and Tuesday/Thursday it is Constitutional Law. Thank god for strong coffee because those classes can be quite the snoozefest otherwise.

11:40am: Class ends and we have a long hour for lunch. I usually sit in our forum and have some social time with my friends. Sometimes if I need to catch up on reading, I will go to the library. We are going to start meeting as a study group over lunch soon to start working on outlines. I always pack myself a nice healthy lunch so I don't waste time and money running out to grab something.

1:00pm: Class again. Monday/Wednesday it is Criminal Law and Tuesday/Thursday it is Property Law. Thankfully both these classes seem to go by pretty quickly.

2:30-3:00pm: I am done with classes for the day so I pull my stuff together and head home. Some days I have to stay late to meet with professors but this is the average time I head home. When I get home, I take care of my pups, get a little snack and get right back to the books. I try to have at least one reading assignment done before dinner. I often run a few loads of laundry simultaneously.

6:00pm: My husband usually gets home between 6:00 and 7:00 so I cook and we have dinner in that range.  I try to cook decent meals every night so that I have nice lunches of leftovers. My husband is gluten-free so cooking can be a bit of a challenge but I enjoy time in the kitchen and have gotten pretty creative with gluten-free recipes. I am planning a post regarding that soon! However, other nights I don't get around to it and we have pancakes or grilled cheeses for dinner.... it's called balance.

6:30pm: After dinner, the hubs and I usually watch a bit of TV or take the dogs on a walk if it is early enough/still light out. It is my favorite part of the day to just spend some quality time with my favorite person.

8:30pm: I usually start finishing up my reading around this time so my hubby can get some time watching ESPN in before bed. Some nights I start later, some nights earlier. It just depends on the amount of reading.

11:00pm: I head off to shower, do my nightly beauty care and I read a little bit of news, a magazine article or a chapter in a book to settle my mind before sleep.

So there you go. A general idea of what my second semester days look like. I try to balance my time and use it as wisely as possible so I can get all my work done and still have time for food and relaxation.

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