Thoughts on Starting the Second Semester of Law School

Well.... I just completed my 3rd week of the second semester of law school. SOS.... it's been rough. First semester sucked.... second semester is so far even harder. Does someone want to remind me why I thought law school was a good idea?

So far, I have twice as much reading each night compared to last semester, legal research and writing assignments every weekend, professional development activities left and right, making time to review my exams from last semester and trying to find an internship. Outside of law school, I was rear-ended in a hit & run accident, my car is in the shop, I have been sharing a car with my husband and driving him to and from work, we got a new dog and my house chores are so overdue it's not even funny. It has been crazyyyy. 3 weeks in and I already had a meltdown.

One thing I know that is weighing on my mind is my grades from last semester- they were not at the level I had wanted, though they were not bad. I am working twice as hard thus far trying to set myself up for success this semester and to raise my GPA. I am reading more thoroughly, taking excessive reading notes, raising my hand twice as much in class and I have already started outlining. I sure hope it pays off because I am exhausted.

As for the internship search, I have an interview next week (hallelujah!!). I know it will be a huge relief once I have something pinned down and that isn't hanging over my head and stressing me out anymore.

I hope your second semesters are off to a better start than mine!

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