Things to Watch Before Law School

I am a firm subscriber of both Netflix and Amazon Prime. I have had some spare time before Law School and I have been catching up on my lists of things I wanted to watch. Movies and TV shows relating to the Law and/or Law School are few and far between but below are some of my favorites found on Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as a few that need to be rented!


The Paper Chase (Netflix)
An oldie but a goodie, this is one of the best Law School representations in media. You see the Socratic method at it's fiercest, Law Students succeed and fail all at the esteemed Harvard Law School. It is certainly worth a watch!

Legally Blonde (Netflix)
My personal favorite. The pretty blonde follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard and instead of getting him back, she gets a legal education and defies all expectations. Let's all aspire to reach the same level of fabulous perfection as Elle Woods.

A Few Good Men (Rent)
Tom Cruise as a military attorney is perfection. I love this movie for several reasons: seeing the main character find himself in the courtroom, the storyline and the themes of humanitarianism and truth will win are timeless.

Bridge of Spies (Rent)
A snapshot into a tough time in our history as well as a unique use of a legal education to save lives. Tom Hanks stars in this intriguing Cold War era movie and it is a great legal and historical watch.

Nuremberg (search on Youtube and full movie can be viewed)
Another historical movie featuring strong uses of the law this time for prosecution of Nazi's following World War II at the Nuremberg Trials. The Cheif Prosecutor, played by Alec Baldwin, lays out damning cases against people who committed the some worst atrocities in history.

TV Shows

How to Get Away with Murder (Netflix)
Though not very realistic, this is a thrilling and entertaining watch. It does feature some fun personalities in the Law Students.

Reckless (Netflix)
Though it is only one season, I love this show and I wish it would have continued. It contrasts a northern attorney and a southern prosecutor as they clash in and out of the courtroom of Charleston, S.C.

Making a Murderer (Netflix)
I am just getting started on this one but it is enthralling to hear the story of one man and his quest for justice under the law. I can't wait to finish it!

SUITS (Prime)
I also just started this show and it is a fun watch. I am excited to get more into it and see more of the legal action.

Still Want to Watch
- Scandal
- Good Wife

What are your favorite legal movies and TV shows?


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