The Monday of Mondays

I might be here until midnight... thank goodness for hot tea in the most relatable mug I own.

Well, Law School Monday 2/15 is complete... sort of. I still have probably 3 hours of work on my Legal Research and Writing assignment that is due tomorrow.... that was never explained to us and we have only had one class meeting. So that's really fun to try to figure out while flying completely blind.

Once I finish my research assignment, I have a good 75 pages of reading to do in Torts and Civ Pro.... and tomorrow is my early class day. It is going to be a long night.

To make this day better, I have had cramps all day and a pounding headache from 4pm on. Needless to say, neither of those help the study motivation. There was barely any parking spots at the school and I had to circle the parking lot for 15 minutes before snagging a spot in BFE and was almost late to Contracts as a result. My drive home from Law School also took twice as long as usual thanks to an accident right down the road from my house. Mondays....

The only bright spots to this horrible Monday was finally understanding what my Property professor was talking about and raising my hand with a correct answer and the arrival of my final bill for first semester (I know that is not normally good news). My first semester of Law School is costing me a whopping $55; thank the heavens for my full-tuition Dean's scholarship! It even ended up extending far enough to cover my parking pass. In celebration, I just scooped myself a giant bowl of ice cream and took a blogging break before diving back into Connecticut torts statutes for my research assignment.

I hope your Mondays are going better than mine! 

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  1. I totally get where you're coming from. The week 3 slump is so real! Keep your chin up and push on - we're all rooting for you. Finish the week strong and enjoy your long weekend!