Marriage Countdown

I get married in exactly one month. After 2 years of being engaged, almost 7 years together and just 3 months after graduating college, we will finally be husband and wife!

Our last few weeks have been crazy; we bought a new house, moved, said an unexpected goodbye to our sweet dog, got a new puppy to heal our broken hearts and have spent little to no time together. Anytime we spend together is spent working or sleeping. I am still living at home until the wedding and my hubby to be is an hour away. Never in our whole relationship have we been so separated and it really stinks. I give long distance relationships a lot of credit!

Despite our crazy life and lack of time together, I still can't believe how lucky I am to be marrying the man of my dreams in one short month! I never thought I would be the girl who married her high school sweetheart at age 22 but then this tall red-haired boy walked into my life and changed everything.... I have never been so thankful to have my precious plans upturned because this is definitely for the better.

Soon we will be married, heading to Disney for our honeymoon and then home to settle fully into our new house before I start Law School on August 22nd. This is a crazy summer and I am so ready for a slower pace after this is over.... but crazy as it is, it is such a fun time in our lives and one we will never get again. I am trying to enjoy the moment as much as my stress level allows.... and I am just ready to be married!

Cheers from the future Mrs. Brown,

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