Rustic Wedding DIYing

I did some shopping today while it was raining. I wasn't really looking for wedding things but I always keep my eyes open. I happened to come across this adorable blue box, with bird wire on top and a little chalkboard on the front. I thought it would be the PERFECT card box for my wedding. I have not decided if I want to paint it or "rough" it up at all. For now I like it and I will decide later exactly how to DIY it.

I also found these large shutter/doors to be used as a back drop or decorations piece. I am thinking of painting it in my wedding colors or "roughing" it up a bit so it seems more rustic. 
My plan is to use them as a photo display station as well in this style found on Pinterest: 

I also found a smaller set of shutters that I want to use behind the cake or on the head table or something. Similar style to the previous Pinterest idea. For $5, I I couldn't pass it up!!! 

Overall, I am super excited to have stumbled upon these awesome rustic decorations that I can DIY into fabulous country rustic wedding decor. Now I just need to find more! 

Happy DIYing :)

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