What's in My College Backpack?

Today was my busiest day of classes. Thursdays = me being on campus from 11:00am-7:00pm. It is also the week before midterms so tests are coming up and papers are due. For this reason, my backpack is loaded down and prepared for me to spend the day on campus studying my life away. Below you will find my must have lists of what I keep in my backpack, especially on busy days like today.

- Computer
- Charger
- Wireless mouse (lifesaver!!)

Books and Notebooks
- Textbooks (obviously)
- A 3 section Notebook: I only need one because I take 99% of my notes on my computer using Microsoft OneNote
- A folder for each class

Random Necessities
- Pens, Highlighters, Pencils: these honestly could be a whole post of their own because I carry a small office store with me at all times for my color coded, OCD notes
- Small bag with cosmetic necessities
- Gum
- Sunglasses
- Hand Cream
- Portable Battery pack
- Phone Charger
- Bullet Journal
- Planner

Food and Such
- Water Bottle
- Coffee Mug
- A snack: Love these little Rev Wraps for on the go lunch or snacking
- My wallet

The whole package!! 
Moral of the story: someday I will probably have back problems from lugging this thing around stuffed full of all my things but I have everything I need for a successful day on Campus!

What do you keep in you college backpacks?

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