Prepping for Show Season

The days are getting longer, the horses are shedding and I am starting to pencil shows in on my calendar.... horse show season is coming right up! Prepping for horse show season is never an easy task and is one that can be overwhelming at times but I enjoy it nonetheless. It means another year of showing the most beautiful animals on earth with my extended horse show family and doing what I love. Here is my list (in no particular order) to help me prep for another great year of showing.

·         Wash your fake tales,
·         Clean your tack
·         Oil your tack
·         Iron and prepare show clothes and make sure they still fit
·         Clean the horse trailer
·         Wash sheets and sleazy’s and make sure they fit the horses and do not need repairs
·         Make sure you have all your health papers ready for the first show and horse is up to date on shots, worming, Coggins
·         Renew association memberships and review any rule changes
·         Make sure your grooming and bathing products are no longer outdated and possibly invest in some new ones including my favorite, EquiFUSE
·         Pack ringside bag with all the necessities
·         Clip the horses and start washing stains out of the white ones
·         Trim mane and tail and pull the mane if needed
·         If you've bought new tack or new horse make sure everything fits correctly and safely
·         If you have a young horse make sure that they are accepting and quiet in the new show tack, chaps and fake tails
·         If they've never been hauled also make sure that they load and stand on the trailer quietly and unload safely
·          Make sure they're accepting of whatever you choose to ship them in including shipping boots, shipping halters, soft ride boots or standing wraps
·         Get in one last Farrier appointment
·         Possibly consider injections a chiropractor or a glucosamine joint shot
·         Make sure you know what you're taking as water bucket, hay, grain, supplements, etc. Smartpaks are a great option for show season hauling and my supplement provider of choice
·         If you're anything like me you'll tend to over pack so make sure that you're not taking a lot of unnecessary things but also be prepared for surprises
·         Make a horse  first-aid kit so that you have options if an accident occurs
·         Also make sure that you have other necessities if an accident does occur including automobile and trailer repair items
·         Stock up on the little things like electrical tape, zip ties and duct tape in large supply

There you go! My list of things to remember when prepping for a new show season. 

Any things you would add? What helps you get ready for a new show season?

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