Fall Must Have's

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp and Pumpkin Spice is everywhere... It is fall! There are a lot of things I love about Fall but also a lot of things I dislike. It signals the end of show season, blanketing begins and layering up to go to the barn is a must. Here is my list of 5 must haves for Fall to make it easier for all us equestrians.

1. A Jacket and Vest
It's getting cold so some warmer clothes are necessary for crisp fall rides and a few hours cleaning stalls. I love to wear a light fleece with a vest or a light soft shell jacket in the fall. Not too warm but enough to keep the chill out. Love these styles from Noble Outfitters - comfortable, functional and pretty: the trifecta for barn clothes!! Love all their products!

2. Mid-Weight Sheet
Not cold enough for blankets yet but sometimes a light sheet just isn't enough to keep those show hair coats. I absolutely love this sheet. I use it all through fall and as a liner under the heavyweights during winter. It is nylon outside to resist stains and fleece inside to keep them toasty warm.

3. Grooming/Bathing Supplies
Trying to keep a show hair coat in the fall can be tough. Good grooming products can make or break that hair coat. A good, stiff, sharp curry comb and a soft but firm brush are classic and simple but you can't beat them. I also use EquiFUSE Shine spray every other day to keep my ponies coats healthy and shining even as their winter hair starts to come in. As for bathing, fall is the time to get their manes and tails in tip-top shape because bathing is a rare occurrence all winter. If your horse has a white mane or tail, get it sparkling in the fall. Condition the crap out of them. I only use EquiFUSE because it will get them super clean without striping their natural oils and health out of their skin and coat. Also, nothing is better for their manes and tails in my opinion. Gleam used with this brush is a LIFESAVER in the winter to keep those tangles at bay until they can get a good bath.

4. Coffee
Well not really horse related but if you know anything about me, you know I love coffee. Fall is the best time to take a travel mug full of rich coffee out to the barn to keep you warm and caffeinated. To each his own, but coffee is generally present in my tack room. (I promise this is the only random must have)

5. Hoof Oil
Winter is DRY. Dry hooves are a bad thing. Start early in the fall with the hoof oil to get those hooves healthy and keep them hydrated all winter long. This is the best hoof oil I have found. I do this once a week during the Spring and Summer but every other day in the Fall and Winter. The more the better!

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