The Best Two Weeks of the Summer

Well long time no blog!! I was in Europe for 3 weeks in May and between getting ready to go and getting caught up back home I have just had no time to blog! But I am back now and have some great ideas!

As I sit at home watching the Pinto World Show go on without me, I realized just how much I miss it. This year I chose the once in a lifetime experience of studying abroad in London for 3 weeks over the world show. Though London was incredible and I do not regret the decision, I am having serious Tulsa withdrawal as this is the first year I have missed it since 2010. I miss the anticipation and preparation and the feeling of entering the arena for the first time each year... I miss listening to Ronnie call us allllllllllll down to the paddock area now please and getting the Pinto Press each morning along with my donut in the Hospitality room. I miss the expo square breakfast box and McCalisters. I miss catching up with old friends everywhere I go and making new friends in the arena lineups and holding pens. I miss days off at the water park, watching races at the track on early evenings and endless shopping in the trade show. For those who have been to Pinto Worlds, you will fondly recognize many of these memories and I am sure have your own different favorites. As I reminisce about my many amazing years at World Show I have realized that I may have gone down there the first time to show my horse and hope to win a ribbon and maybe even a buckle but it's the people and experience that keep me coming back year after year. I have won ribbons, buckles and saddles at the Pinto World Show and that is amazing. But more importantly, I have learned so many lessons of humility, gratitude, respect, friendship, hard work and if you ask me, that is the real "win".
THE Ford Truck Arena
The people who run the show, the friends we have made and maintained over the years and the memories made every year are the things that make me want to go back year after year. Spending two weeks with so many wonderful people who share your passion is amazing. The bonds you make can be for life. I personally owe the world show for giving me one of my best friends in the world: in 2008, Kaity Arthur and I attended the world show and competed together on a youth team and got to be very good friends those two weeks. 7 years later, she is a bridesmaid in my wedding and one of my best friends in the whole world. The show just brings people together as do the horses and the whole sport. Last year, the world show gave me even sweeter memories when my long time boyfriend proposed to me in the center of the arena during the charity walk trot class. The Ford Truck Arena is my engagement location and down the road when I take my kids to the world show they can still see the place where we got engaged. It is these bonds and memories that have so endeared the show to me and make me want to come back year after year.
Crazy World Show Best Friends from 2008-2014
Pinto World Engagement 
You will not find a world show with more friendly people, fun events and lasting memories anywhere. They have so many events such as the Challenged Riders Leadline and Dog Show that lets everyone relax and enjoy without thoughts of competition. The staff for the show are always so kind and helpful... it's like a mini-reunion every year when you see all those friends and people again back doing their jobs and making the show run so smoothly. I thought a year or two off would be fine and I wouldn't mind staying home for the 2 weeks in June. I was so wrong. I miss my Tulsa time so much... seems that you don't realize how much things mean until you're missing them. I miss the people, the friends, the heat, the city and, of course, the competition. Next year I get married and I will skip the world show again but watch out 2017- I will be trying my hardest to be back in Tulsa with the people I have made lifelong bonds with over love for the best world show there is and the best painted horses around.
Challenged Riders Leadline
If you have never been to Pinto Worlds, go, trust me. If you have been before, I am sure you know exactly how I feel and I will see you there again another year for the best two weeks of the summer in a little corner of Tulsa where dreams come true, lifelong friends come along and memories of a lifetime are made.

Until next time, I will be very busy watching the live feed and cheering on all my amazing friends competing!

What is your favorite memory from Pinto Worlds??? Comment with it :) 

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