Day 6: Here Comes the Sun

Do do do doooooo......... (a little George Harrison is always a good idea)

What a beautiful sunny day in London today! Since sleep has been optional the last few days we took this morning to sleep in a bit. I have never slept so well in my life. Walking will do you in! This morning we got up around 10:00am and went on the Magical Mystery Beatles tour. Our tour guide is known as the Beatles Brain of Britain and owns the Beatles Coffee Shop. It was so cool!! We saw Paul McCartney's business headquarters, the studio where they recorded Hey Jude and Dear Prudence as well as a slew of other famous songs. Next was the original building where Apple Records was housed with the rooftop they played their final live performance from. Th last part of the tour was the iconic Abbey Road zebra crossing and Abbey Road Studios. I took my shoes off to walk across the road because when you walk where John, Paul, George and Ringo walked- you must do as they did. Traffic very much flows through the Abbey Road crossing so getting a good picture was a challenge and there was tons of other people trying to do the same thing. I think we are going to go back early one morning when there is less traffic for more pictures. We also wrote on the wall of Abbey Road Studios with notes for our moms and significant others.
McCartney Productions Limited owned by Paul McCartney
Must have been quite a studio to have those songs recorded there!
The building that first housed Apple Records and where they gave their final live performance off the rooftop
Abbey Road Studios
Writing on the wall of Abbey Studios.... sending some love home to mom, dad and Zac
ABBEY ROAD barefoot of course... just like Paul. 
Our life is now made. 

After the tour we headed for the Camden Street Markets. So busy but so cool! The little shops were everywhere. Part of the market was in the old horse stables so that was pretty cool for me :) Since it was such a beautiful day and everything was packed with people we decided to come back to the flat and relax for the night and get another good nights sleep so we can start the week out fresh and rested. (Not to mention everything closes super early so there was honestly nothing to do tonight)

These Street performers were awesome. Perfect Alice in Wonderland
Leftovers from when it was stables
Street art is amazing here. Hey John

This upcoming week is going to be a great one! Being in London is just so incredible. I am really getting a feel for the city and starting to understand it. This morning on the Tube I got super annoyed by some tourists standing on the wrong side of the escalator and blocking the traffic flow (you do NOT do that in tube). I love the Tube system- it is so simple and works like a well oiled machine (literally). Getting around the city is much easier then I was expecting.

As I am ending my first week in London, I have taken some time to reflect on how my perceptions of London have either been true or completely wrong and how I feel living in a big city for the first time in my life.

What I expected:

  • The accents are just as wonderful as I knew they would be
  • The city is beyond beautiful
  • There is so much old stuff
  • The history is literally everywhere
  • Everyone always dresses nicely
  • Tourists who don't try to fit in are obnoxious
  • Trench coats are necessary 
  • Waterproof shoes are necessary
What has been a surprise:
  • The tube is way easier then I expected
  • The people are very polite
  • There is more new buildings then I was expecting
  • The groceries are very cheap
  • The food is all so good and whole and natural
  • There are so many free options for activities
  • Things aren't sketchy, they are "dodgy"
  • Your not sleepy, your "knackered"
  • Oyster cards are amazing but guard it with your life
I have been having a blast with the other girls! There is 4 of us that have been doing things together and just having the time of our lives! Such a fun group of girls to explore this city and I am glad we share the idea of seeing everything we possibly can and making the most of this time by getting the true London experience along with the tourist experience. We come home exhausted every night but we have already seen so much and it is that good exhaustion knowing you filled your day with wonderful things and it was worth the blisters on your feet and sore muscles. 

I can't describe how amazing this experience is. I just want to take a moment to wish a Happy Mothers Day to my amazing mom from 4,000 miles away and say a huge thank you to both of my parents for allowing me to make this dream trip a reality. I know it is a once in a lifetime experience and I am doing my best to make the most of it and put your investment to the best use! Thank you mom and dad- you truly are the best! Sending all my loving home to you...

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