Day 3: Green in the City

What a day! Today was voting day in London which was pretty cool to see. We logged 13.5 miles today walking around the city. We had class this morning and went to a cute little Camden farmers market and had the best hamburger and apple juice ever.

We hit the parks today because it was absolutely beautiful- sunny, mid 60's and just gorgeous walking weather. Getting there was a fun challenge, lots of Tube platform changes but we are really starting to get the hang of the Tube. The parks are amazing. We did St. James Park, Green Park, Hyde Park and started exploring Kensington Gardens (more time for that later). The parks are so nicely landscaped and there are so many amazing memorials and statues. I even saw a paint horse being ridden in Hyde Park and it made me very happy.

I did not realize how many World War 2 memorials there were in the parks. Every time I turned around there was a different one. My favorite was the Bombing of Britain Memorial in Green Park. The statue was so awe inspiring and just stunningly gorgeous from every angle. Since it is the 70th anniversary of the end of World War 2 in Europe tomorrow, there is a ton of memorials and wreaths all over the memorials which adds an extra element to the experience.

Other memorials in the parks included the Canadian Forces, Australian forces, Asian and Indian Forces and the Cavalry.

British Version the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from my understanding

Memorial to the Royal Calvary 

My favorite element was this personal memorial placed on the base of the Battle of Britain Memorial for Sgt. Nobby Clark who lost his life in the skies of Austria in 1944. It was placed there by his crewmate and friend Mike McGrory. It's the things like that that bring the war to life for me and give me a feel for the amazing people who lived through it and allowed for the victory achieved on May 8, 1945, now know as Victory in Europe Day. 

RIP Sgt. Clark. Thank you
Tomorrow is the 70th Anniversary of VE Day and there are many events happening around the city tomorrow and this weekend. I will have more about that in tomorrow's blog as I am trying to attend as much of the VE Day celebration as possible.

For now, I am going to rest my aching feet and hit the sack. It was a big day and I am just ready for more tomorrow! What an experience of a lifetime this has been so far and it's just the beginning.

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