My TOP 10 Favorite Products- Spring Edition 2015

SPRING is here!!! YAY! Shedding season and show season are finally upon us. Few things make me happier. Spring is a great season for us horse lovers but it also has its own challenges. Here are my favorite products to help make for a great spring season and starting the show season out right!

            Spring requires using a cooler because I know my horses still have a touch of winter hair but it is warmer and they are getting worked harder so they are sweating a lot more: hence coolers are a must. I love this cooler, it is reasonably priced, very good for pulling the moisture away from the body and fits great with the body contour and surcingle (and it’s pretty). Also great for cool spring horse shows as a morning cover up before halter and through a chill show day. Must have in my barn year-round but especially important in the spring.

            Spring mornings are still pretty chilly and my breeches aren’t very warm. Fleece lined breeches are the way to go! They keep you warm without the bulk of long johns under your normal breeches. These are a must have for fall-spring.

            The perfect barn gloves: warm, hardy and functional.

            I seriously have a love affair with my Tin Hauls. They are the only boots I have ever owned that I do not need an insole in. They are fun to look at, hold up great and the comfort is unsurpassed. These are a year round favorite.

            Two words: shedding season!!! These are great grooming products: I especially love the curry and the mane/tail brush. They hold up better than my other brushes and the OCD side of me loves that they all match.

            Worth every penny for that polished show ring look. They are the best breeches on the market. I have a pair going on 10 years old that still look great. A great spring “splurge” before show season.

4.  RS Training Saddles
            Seriously the best work saddle ever. It is light, comfortable and made to last. Did I mention comfortable? The seat is amazing. Oh and you don’t break your back lifting it on your horse because it is one of the lightest saddles you can find that still has the durability and comfort (and my horses probably like the lighter weight on their backs). It fits every horse I put it on and still looks great after all the hours I have logged in it. The best part: under $1000!!!!

3. Schneider’s Blankets
            The ONLY blankets and sheets I buy. The fit, durability and warmth is unsurpassed. Truly the best blankets and sheets on the market in my opinion and they don’t break the bank.

2. SmartPak Supplement Systems
            We all know I love SmartPak. Spring is the time for coat supplements and this is the BEST way to feed them. I have another whole post on my love for SmartPak so I will stop declaring my love here and let you go read that instead.

1. EquiFUSE Bathing and Grooming Products
Hail to the grooming gods: EquiFUSE has come to save us all. Spring is the time for shedding and honing that perfect shiny show coat. Baths and grooming are simplified, perfected and healthier thanks to my favorite products ever. This is the ONLY thing I will use to bath and groom my horses; especially the manes and tails. Once again, I have a whole post (or two) about my sheer love and dedication to EquiFUSE so I will let you read that and wrap up my spring must have list. (but seriously EquiFUSE is a necessity for spring bathing and grooming if you want your horse to look their best for the show season).

Well there it is, my favorite spring products! What are your favorite products for spring? Comment below and let me know what you must have in your barn this spring!

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