Some Days You Gotta Dance...

Live it up when you get the chance, then your feeling just a little less tense. Loosen up them strings and dance.... anyone recognize that song? A Dixie Chicks classic, it seems to capture my recent mood quite nicely. I have been running like crazy: starting a new job, school, trips, Congress, preparing for my last 2014 horse show, wedding planning finding barn time, keeping up with this (which I failed at the last few weeks) and other random things like cleaning my house and eating. Things I used to take for granted like time with my fiance and riding have become so much more important and precious suddenly. Looking back through my instagram this morning while driving home from congress to spend yet another day at work, I realized that even though the last few weeks have seemed like a drag, I have actually had a lot of fun times. At the time, it may have seemed like a fleeting moment between stressed moments but looking back, they seem so much more special.

So here is my top 10 recent moments where I remembered to laugh and smile through the stress. (you may notice a common theme. His name is Charlie)

1. Haven't had an english saddle on since the last show Charlie? Still want to be perfect Charlie? Okay, Charlie, lets do it your way.  Granted, I am still sore from that lovely two point I self inflicted but hey, no pain no ribbons right?

2. Homemade Stromboli all by myself. Call my Betty Crocker folks, I nearly know how to cook. Sometimes it's the little victories, like not burning your dinner, remembering to turn the stove off and not setting off a smoke alarm. #winning

3. COFFEE. Few things make me smile more then this nectar of the gods. and it seems to be the only thing that keeps me going sometimes. My Keurig works pretty hard on a daily basis. Oh and a cute mug is also one of my favorite things. Starbucks has some of the best (like this blue one!).

4. Seeing this dude smile. Seriously he just randomly does this. Ask the people at the barn, Charlie literally smiles and when he smiles, you just have to smile back :)

5. My Best Friend. Always a text message away, she keeps me supplied with random snapchats and hilarious texts day in and day out. Seriously, my soul sister. Good thing we live apart because the world couldn't handle us together all the time.

6. Looking at these AMAZING pictures by Impulse Photography. Seriously I can't handle how perfect they are. They always make me smile. This is quite possibly my favorite...

7. GARTH, the most perfect aussie puppy alive. Enough said.

8. Attempted Selfies with sir camera hog. Seriously, he has to be the center of the picture. Amazing how self righteous those cover models get...

9. My fiance being all adorable and amazing and the love of my life. Couldn't get through the days without him.

10. The amazing, long haired trail beast. He may win trail at the weekend shows but he eats poles at home... literally chewing on wood.... I never said he was smart...

There you have it. A snapchat into my crazy life and the things that keep me giggling and happy. Even just seeing the pictures on my phone makes the smile come right back.

So what makes you smile? What makes you laugh? Share a fun story that made your bad day better. (I just hope none of you are chewing on trail poles...)


Oh and a bonus one: gas prices right now. Filled up at this beautiful price. I know I'm growing up when this is what makes me happy... 

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