Saying Goodbye

It is never easy to say goodbye to a beloved horse, especially one you have owned since birth. I have done it many times but it never gets easier. It is a nature of owning and breeding horses, you can't keep them all. This past weekend we sold our 2 year old gelding, Milton Hershey. The plan all along was to sell Milton and even though I knew it was coming, it didn't make it any easier. I remember the day Milton was born and sadly he is the last baby my mare Rosie ever had. He was a joy to raise and train and we had a blast in the time that we owned him. When we showed him he won and his last class with us was a unanimous win and circuit championship in the 2yo western pleasure; what a way to end it! He is Charlie's half brother and they have the same personality which obviously drew me to him and I couldn't help but love him. Even though he wasn't my show horse and I wasn't supposed to get attached to him, I still cried like a baby when we left without him on the trailer and saw his empty stall at home.

 The pain is eased by the excellent home he is going to: he will be a little girls 13 and under horse, a job he was born for. As she led him away from me I couldn't help but tear up with happy tears seeing him start nuzzling her immediately and see her smile and pet his neck. They were already bonding. I know she will love him to death and he will be her best friend and what more could you ask for in a new home. Every horse deserves to be loved by a little girl; Milton is lucky that he gets that joy early in life. I wish his new owners all the success in the world and I hope he will be to her what Charlie is to me: not just a horse but a best friend. We will see you down the road Milton <3

Last moments with precious Milton

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