Meet My Horses

I have been lucky enough to own and show many great horses in my life. Here I will introduce you to my current herd:

First is Struttin My Assets aka Charlie. He is a 2008 bay tobiano gelding by Hes Got the Assets and out of my walk-trot horse, Enhancing Strutter. Bred, born and raised on my families farm, I have owned and loved Charlie from day one. I began riding Charlie when he was 3 and it has been history ever since. He is the sweetest, kindest, most lovable horse I have ever had the privilege to work with and I love him to death. He is very silly; he loves Oreo's, puppies, little kids, fuzzy blankets and going to horse shows. He has been on the cover of Horse & Rider magazine. He very well known for his long white mane that falls nearly to his knees. Charlie has had much success winning multiple world and reserve world championships, honor roll championships, APHA Top 20 and almost 1000 APHA points. Not only do I show him, my fiancé has also found much success in the show ring with Charlie despite his being fairly new to horses; they have won a reserve world championship and multiple top 5 and top 10. Charlie is my baby and he has a home for life.

Next is Zips Sacred Slipper aka Slipper. The greatest horse I have ever shown, Slipper was my 13 and under into 14-18 show horse. She was bred, born and raised on the family farm and I began showing her when she was 3. She is the smartest horse I have ever met and also has the biggest heart; she have me her all in the show ring ever single time. Her show career included 8 world and reserve world championships, 30 congress championships, number one in the nation twice, high point at the world show, a trailer, a saddle, many buckles and more points then I can count. I retired Slipper in 2011 and since then she has had 3 foals and is pregnant with a 4th. Her first baby is currently in training.

Next up is Invited to the Ball aka Ella. My 2012 black tobiano filly is out of Slipper and sired by the great Special Invitation. From day one I have been in love with Ella's winning pedigree and stunning looks. She was bound to be special given that she was my beloved Slipper's firstborn but she has surpassed every expectation I had for her. I broke her out in January 2014 and she has just been a joy to ride and train. So much natural talent and intelligence and willingness to learn. The future is looking so bright for this filly! 

I also have a few babies at home. Charming Assets aka Kelly is Slipper's yearling filly out of He's Got the Assets. This bay tobiano filly is as sweet as pie and pretty as could be. I am looking forward to her future! 

Slipper's most recent baby is a solid bay filly by Special Invitation named Elsa. This filly may not have color but she makes up for it in personality and cuteness! 

Well that is all- my crazy bunch of adorable ponies. I am proud to say every single one was bred, born and raised here on our farm. I am lucky to be able to bred horses and bring them all the way up into the show ring. It is a very rewarding process! 

Stay tuned for my next post- little hint, it will not involve a saddle :)

Photo Credits: Myself, Impulse Photography MB, Jeff Kirkbride.

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