Welcome to my blog!!

I have created this blog out of a need to expel some of my feelings on a variety of subjects that do not fit into one neat little box. I hope to use this as an outlet through the trials of last-minute wedding planning, being a young newlywed, starting and attending Law School this fall and just figuring out my life and defining who I am. You might also find out about all my favorite books, some of my crazy dreams and snippets of my life usually revolving around my silly dogs, wonderful fiance and perfect horses. Hopefully this will entertain or inform you in some way... or it just gives me a place to ramble about my thoughts.

If you are wondering about the unique blog name, A Displaced Duchess, this is reminiscent of my love for all things British. I sometimes wish I had been born into a 19th-century aristocratic family... I am simply positive that I would have made an excellent Duchess or princess. As a history major, I have been fascinated by British history and after visiting London, England last spring through study abroad I became even more obsessed than I already was. I am going to law school next fall and I am obsessed with all things legal. Therefore, I am a displaced British Duchess living in the midwestern cornfields of Ohio and becoming legal. I love my life and I would not change it for anything but a girl can daydream sometimes right?

I need to finish some homework and Pride and Prejudice (my favorite movie!!) just came out on Netflix so I am going to settle in with my heated blanket, cuddly puppies, a cup of hot Tea and complete some assignments while watching great literature made alive on the TV.

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